Sound Signs Manual

Sound Signs is a system of handsigns that makes reading and speech practice fun!  The 45 signs represent the sounds of the English language. Sound Signs can be used by teachers, parents, and speech-language pathologists to help students of any age learn to read or talk. Sound Signs allow students to use all of their learning senses (hearing, vision, touch, and movement) to learn and remember the sounds. Sounds Signs are useful with normal learners as well as people with dyslexia or learning disabilities.

Sound Signs products include:

• Sound Signs Manual
• SymPics: A Program for Teaching Letter Symbols and their Sounds
• Training Video or DVD: Multisensory Teaching with Sound Signs and SymPics
• Golden Gate Reading and Spelling

The Sound Signs Manual provides detailed pictures and descriptions of the 45 handsigns (Sound Signs) representing English sounds. These include sounds for single consonants, consonant clusters (digraphs and combinations), short and long vowels, r-controlled vowels, and other vowel pairs. There are composite pages at the back of the Manual showing each class of sounds on one page (single consonants, for example). These composite pages may be copied by teachers or speech-language pathologists to send home with their students.

The Sound Signs Manual does not provide a structured program for teaching letter sounds (as does SymPics) nor is it a reading program. Teachers, speech-language pathologists or parents can use Sound Signs as needed with any reading program, with phonics lessons, reading readiness activities, articulation therapy or speech modeling. The Sound Signs are easily learned from the pictures and descriptions in the Manual. If more training is desired, see the instructional video: Multisensory Teaching with Sound Signs and SymPics.