Daily Cumulative Review


Using previously introduced letter cards and SymPics pages, review everything presented so far.

Letter Names:

Show the card deck of lower-case letters that have been introduced so far. Mix up the cards. Ask the students to name the letters.

SymPics Pages:

Use the SymPics pages that have been introduced so far. The students give the key word followed by the sound of the letter (“snake…/s/, water…/w/”), giving the Sound Sign with the sound. Mix up the SymPics pages before each review.

Sounds and Sound Signs:

Show the card deck again and the students give letter sounds with Sound Signs. Students should not give the names of the letters this time, only sounds.

Sound-Letter Writing:

The instructor (clinician, teacher, or parent) looks at the card deck and dictates each letter sound. Dictate without showing the cards or the Sound Signs. The students repeat the sound and write the corresponding letter(s).

Handwriting Practice (optional):

Choose a particular letter or group of similar letters if you notice handwriting problems.