About Us

Kathleen Plumb and Adrienne Rogers founded Language Links, LLC in 1995. Language Links creates and publishes educational materials. Plumb and Rogers are the authors of:

Sound Signs: A manual of 45 hand signs that represent the sounds of the English language. Sound Signs make learning to talk and read multisensory and fun.

SymPics: A Program for Teaching Letter Symbols and Their Sounds (a structured program for teaching letter names, letter sounds, and sound-letter writing using Sound Signs)

An instructional DVD: Multisensory Teaching with Sound Signs and SymPics is a 31-minute DVD that demonstrates all 45 Sound Signs and teaches the instructor how to use the SymPics Program.

Golden Gate Step-by-Step: A companion guide to The Golden Gate Series: Reading and Spelling by Tyack and Gottsleben. Step-by-Step tells you what to say and do in each section of the Golden Program.

Language Links, LLC publishes the Golden Gate Series: Reading and Spelling, authored by Dorothy Tyack and Robert Gottsleben.

Adrienne Rogers earned a BA degree from the University of Texas and completed her MA degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Oklahoma in 1970. She has been Director of the Tulsa Scottish Rite RiteCare Childhood Language Clinic since 1979. Ms. Rogers received the Outstanding Clinical Achievement Award for Oklahoma from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation in 1993. She was the recipient of the Distinguished Clinical Service Award from the Oklahoma Speech-Language-Hearing Association in 2004.

Kathleen Plumb earned BS and MS degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern Methodist University, completing her Master’s Degree in 1979. She completed a post-graduate internship in dyslexia at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas in 1980. Ms. Plumb has worked with language disorders and dyslexia in children at the Tulsa Scottish Rite RiteCare Clinic since 1982.

Ms. Rogers and Ms. Plumb have completed training in phonics reading programs including Alphabetic Phonics, Saxon Phonics, and Golden Gate Reading and Spelling.